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The generally people think Netflix is the good signify for original TV shows, and it’s simple to forget that the site also makes for a great dip into the world of film, whether that be romcoms, dark dramas, or scary fear movie. And while some of those films are a little forgettable, Netflix’s selection also give some truly different and, usually, enlightening story for your viewing enjoyment and confusion. If you know anywhere to find them, the many weird movies on Netflix may make your stomach churning out or brain explode. While “weird” may be a suggestive word to expression this underbelly, I’m using it to represent films that aren’t typically family-friendly, transgressive acts story, use violence inventively, try with sound and camera, or characteristic appearance with fully-developed yet very flawed character.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, And Her Lover

Peter Greenaway’s surreal 1989 melodrama stars Helen Mirren as the troubled wife of a mobster who lately began his career as a gaudy restaurateur. With an desire for more than just food, her character falls in love with a learned regular and, under the protection of the kitchen staff, conducts her job in the restaurant’s back-of-house. The music, sets, and uniform are just as bright as the cast in this film, but the review of scatology and a disgusting climax distinguish criminal from the rest of Mirren’s work and defend this film as one of Netflix’s view gems.


Although the film consider new empire for star Kirsten Dunst, Melancholia is the second grim and charming addition to the “Depression Trilogy” from Antichrist director Lars Von Trier. The film takes its name from the destruction planet to strike with Earth, and history the lives of two sisters at the end the world. Inspired one of Von Trier’s episodes of sadness, it’s not specifically a fun Friday night flick, but one that carefully explain the object of despair, and make this film as weird movies on Netflix.

Enter The Void

One strength expect vain to be a colorless vacuum, but this film is a trip. With every scene full of emotion and wild performance, the epic, directed by Gasper Noë, follows Oscar, a Tokyo-based drug trader who experiences his own death at the hands of the cops, as well as the problem enclose his sex worker sister. It run to be chilling and freaky at the same time.

In The Basement

This Austrian documentary review the kind of secrets hidden in people’s basements: there’s Nazi propaganda, sex prison, and terrible relationships with babydolls, to name a few. Be programmed for small bouts of consensual physical violence and sexuality roles problematic some makeup this to be weird movies on Netflix documentary digs through into the bottom level of Western society.


Jane Fonda is the star of this strange cult film from the ‘60s. As Barbarella, she zooms in sexual adventure across the universe and is, at one point, assault by an army of ruthless baby dolls. secure at the time of its release, the film now has an approved following and a queer bar in Austin named after it.

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