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The Intern is a different movie with Robert de Niro and Anna Hathaway. It has become famous experts and now you can watch The Intern on Netflix. Is a charming movie that shows us the story of s strong business woman. She has succeeded to develop up a business in less than two years. The Intern Netflix lots of workers and a great level of success, there is still lots of pressure and trouble in her time. Her wedding and family allow from her success, and sweetness is needed to manage the business and make it better.

Elder citizen Ben (Robert DeNiro) requests a video resume for an intern job he requires. He’s returning to a flyer requesting for elder citizens to employ for an internship via a video stating why they should be approved. He says he’s a 70-year-old survivor living an easy life but feels he wants to be more productive. He gets an invitation for an interview.

The corporation is called ‘About The Fit’ and is run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). Basically began from her kitchen, the online clothes retailing business now has grown more than 200 workers since its establishing only 18 months earlier.

We first see Jules saying a customer service call from a partner complaining that her bridesmaid’s dresses are the wrong color. Jules takes full trust, is very helpful, ensures to fix the glitch and even gives her own number to the partner. She goes around in her office on a bike, rarely has time to stop and dedicate co-workers’ birthdays in the office or have a complete talk with her mother.

At The Intern Netflix point, they choose to hire elder citizens. The purpose is to make elders feel helpful and ready to use their experiences and knowledge. Robert De Niro is the pensioner coming to the partnership of Anna Hathaway, and she for sure requires his experience and support to sort anything out.

Release                   :        September 25, 2015 (USA)

Netflix Release      :        April, 2017

Directed by            :        Nancy Meyers

Budgets                   :        44 million USD (gross); 35 million USD (net);

Box office                :        194.6 million USD

Screenplay by         :        Nancy Meyers


Country                                         Appeared on Netflix


Africa                                                  April, 2017

Antarctica                                          April, 2017

Asia                                                    April, 2017

Australia                                           April, 2017

Europe                                              April, 2017

North America                                April, 2017

South America                                April, 2017


IMDB score: ★★★★

The Intern is an imaginary Nancy Meyers drama comedy stored afloat by Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway’s covering chemistry.

I did enjoy this movie, even I though a little bored. If you want to watch The Intern on Netflix, then you can do then in three different Netflix countries; in USA, Australia, and Japan. For news on how you can get access to the many regions easily press the links and you will discover the info, you are looking for.

The Intern Netflix has a 61% score on IMDb that freshly should serve as a good score for this movie. Have you seen The Intern on Netflix? Have you seen it someplace else? What kind of score would you send it? Log in to your Netflix account and tell me what score you would give to this movie.

You could also recognize to watching The Intern on Netflix now, where the movie has been available since April 2017.

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