Steamiest Movies On Netflix

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Netflix is probably one of the solutions to a lot of problems in this era. Nowadays, Netflix has been one of the sources of movies for public in general. there are a lot of kind of movies on Netflix from both past and present, English and foreign, and any genre of movies. Among those movies, some best ones are counted as the steamy movies.

Steamy movies consist of sexually explicit content. This kind of genre can make you heat up. Steamy movies are not considered as porn movies. Steamy movies feature the intense and erotic sex scene. Still, the content of the steamy movies is close to the porn movies. Are you looking for the steamiest movies on Netflix? Here is the list.

According to some online movie communities, the streamiest movies on Netflix is entitled Romance. Romance is a French movie that was released on 1999. This movie was directed by Catherine Breillat. In the movie, Maria (played by Caroline Ducey) acts as the sex-starved. But, her boyfriend refuses to make in love with her. To feed the hungry, Maria looks up for other relationships. This way, Maria gets the taste for the sexual encounters. Aside from her boyfriend, Maria ever in relationship with a much older man. To make it perfect, a French porn star named Rocco Siffredi  was hired by the director to play Paolo, the one whom Maria asks to bed after their meeting in the bar.

Steamiest Movies On Netflix
The second one is Sex and Lucia. Sex and Lucia is such a steamy movie with amount of tear jerking scenes. This movie is a Spanish one. Lucia (as played by Paz Vega) is left by her fiance forever. Apparently, her boyfriend is commit suicide. After that, she look for the new journey and awakening to an island that her fiance often wrote about. That island is an exotic island. There, she meets Carlos, a chunk diver and Elena, a beautiful innkeeper. Most of the scenes in this movie are fun and meaningful. In addition, Sex and Lucia got several critical awards and has been named as the most erotic movie ever.

The next one is Don Jon. Don Jon is probably one of the most popular movies. This movie is starred by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Scarlett Johansson. Don Jon does not contain the sex scene. It just have the steamy ones. Barbara (played by Scarlett Johansson) uses her attraction to manipulate Jon (Joseph Gordon Levitt) into doing everything she wants. Once in the doorway of her apartment, Barbara teases Jon using the lust to make him agree to the few things. The scene is involve the grind and the kiss. Thanks to her effort, Jon is agree to everything she asks.

Ready to watch streamies movies on Netflix? Prepare your comfortable bed or sofa and do not forget the pillow. Watching the streamies movies on Netflix alone is not a harm but watching it with your partner can make you two to get closer. Feel the heat!

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