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Daily routine can make everyone hit by stress. Almost everyone in this entire world ever gets the stress. Stress can come from the school, work, love relationship, friendship, and so on. Stress is a serious thing. It leads to depress. It is such a danger when it becomes worst.

To avoid and to treat the thing called stress, usually everyone take a break from their daily activities or just take a rest for little bit. There are some ways to cure the stress. Aside from going on vacation, reading a book, or singing in the karaoke, watching the movie or drama series can be an alternatives. There are many genres in the movie, drama, or cinema. The most suit one for kicking out the stress is sitcom.

Sitcom is the shorter of situation comedy. Sitcom was originally from radio. Nowadays, sitcom is often be seen in the television. Usually, a sitcom has the same characters with only one background such as a school, an office, or a house. A sitcom on the television can be recorded in front of the audiences in the studio. It depends on the format of the program production. The effect of the audience can be added or be made using laughing voice. When to watch the sitcom?

There are many ways to watch sitcom. One of the most popular ones is on Netflix. Netflix is one of the trendiest right now. Netflix is such the hot topic and one of the most searched keywords on every social media. Everyone look for film or cinema in Netflix because it is such a complete one.

Sitcoms on Netflix are considered as the best sitcoms. The best and top quality sitcoms can be streamed on Netflix. The newest sitcoms are best, so does the oldest ones. Sitcoms on Netflix suit everyone in every age. Just choose one that suit your age. Do not forget to accompany the kid under age if you are going to watch with them.

Many online communities has ranked sitcoms on Netflix. According to some online communities, Cheers is the best sitcom on Netflix. It is rated first in almost every community. The sitcom is staring Ted Danson, Shelley Long, Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman, and so on. Friends come second in some communities. This sitcom was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. It was originally aired by NBC. The cast of Friends are young, attractive, and capable actors. Those factors can attract the viewers well. Some other best sitcoms on Netflix are Arrested Development, Park and Recreation, The Dick van Dyke Show, The Office, 30 Rock, That ;70s Show, My Name is Earl, and many more.

Many sitcoms on Netflix are counted as the top rated shows of the television all the time. Be sure to prepare everything such as the popcorn, the soft drink, the pillow, and the comfortable sofa. It is even better when you prepare the partner to laughing out loud together. Be ready for the marathon.

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