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Netflix is one of the most popular entertainment companies in the United States. It is the big streaming media based online and the production of movie and television as well as the online distributor. It was originally an online DVD renter. Netflix was found in Scotts Valley, California by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August, 29th 1997. Right now, this company is headquarters in Los Gatos, California, the United States.

Netflix can be used by several devices such as Set-top-box (e.g: Roku, Strong Australia, Asus, Apple, D-Link, YouView, WeTek, and Western Digital), Blu-ray player (e.g: LG and Samsung), Smart TV (e.g: LG), Video game console (e.g: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft), Handheld game console (e.g: Nintendo and Sony), Digital video recorder (e.g: TiVo), Digital media receiver (e.g: Strong Australia, Google, and Amazon).

One of the most used devices is Roku 2. Roku 2 is part of the Roku series of digital media player set to box. The name of Roku comes from a Japanese word Roku which means six. Apparently, it is the sixth company that Anthony Wood, the CEO of Roku created. When you are using Roku, the device of Roku streaming gets the data of video stream via the connection of a wired or a Wi-Fi to a router of the internet. Roku can be connected to the television with the good internet connection.

Roku 2 Netflix Profiles
For every user of Netflix, including the Roku user, there is a thing called Netflix profile. It is known as the Roku 2 Netflix Profiles for Roku. Just like any other Netflix profiles, Roku 2 Netflix Profiles are like the libraries of you. It consists of the things such as the queue of the movie, television series, or television show you are going to stream.

In the newest version of Roku, there is the update version of the app of Netflix. It supports you to have more than one profile. You can have two Roku 2 Netflix Profiles or even more. In short, you can have one more Roku 2 Netflix Profiles with just one account of Netflix. It is such a good news for you who want to share an account of Netflix with your lover, for a parent who wants to share the Netflix account with your children, or for you who want to share it with your best friend. In this case, you can still have the individual queue which might be different from the others.

If you have any questions related to Roku 2 Netflix Profiles, you can ask the questions on the Live Chat on its official website. If you want to talk directly to the representative of Netflix, you can call the customer service of Netflix at 1-866-579-7172. The customer service of Netflix is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Feel free to ask them anything that can light up your minds and can solve your problems. Make some research on the internet if you are shy or  hesitate to ask anyone.

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