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Peter Pan is an American movie. It was released on February, 5th,  in the year of 1953. It is included as the animated fantasy adventure movie. This movie was produced by Walt Disney. It is probably one of the most popular movies of Disney. Peter Pan is the second movie of Disney starring Kathryn Beaumont, Heather Angel, and Bill Thompson after their previous Disney movie entitled Alice in Wonderland. It is also has another deep meaning as the last movie of Disney that all of the nine members of nine old men of Disney participated as the animator directors.

Peter Pan is a movie based on the play by J. M. Barrie named Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Would’t Grow Up. It is about the Peter Pan and his story. One day, Peter Pan visits a family called Darling Family. Peter Pan brings all of them to a place named Never Land. There is a war ongoing in the place of the family as Pirate Captain Hook, the evil one, is dominating the place. The time where Peter Pan takes out Wendy and her brothers to Never Land, all of them seems very happy to face the new interesting adventure.

In the year of 2003, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and Revolution Studios worked together to make the new version of Peter Pan. Peter Pan (2003) was directed by P. J. Hogan and was written by Michael Goldenberg and P. J. Hogan himself. In the movie, Jeremy Sumpter acted as Peter Pan, a young boy that does not have an intention to grow up. Peter Pan is an optimist, brave, and determined one. All in his thought are the happy things. He is so in love with Wendy Darling. His best friend is Tink or Tinkerbell. Some versions describe them as the lover as Tink has a thing for Peter Pan. The other casts were Jason Isaacs as Mr. George Darling and Captain Hook, Rachel Hurd-Wook as Wendy Darling, Lynn Redgrave as Aunt Millicent, Richard Briers as Mr. Smee, and many other casts.

Peter Pan on Netflix
Peter Pan on Netflix
For those who want to bring back the memory of the childhood, Peter Pan is probably one of the most recommended movies to watch. Where to watch this such an old movies? Can you watch it via YouTube? Is Peter Pan on Netflix?

For those who are curious whether Peter Pan on Netflix or not, it is such a good news for you, especially all of the Disney lovers outside there. The answer on that question is yes. Peter Pan (2003) is available on Netflix. Right now, it is available in about 15 countries. Prepare your internet connection so that you can stream the movie without being disturbed by the poor connection.

As for those who want to enjoy the older version which is Peter Pan (1953), you can watch Peter Pan on Netflix not by streaming it but by renting the DVD form Netflix. Just open the official website of Netflix at if you want to know more about it.

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