Netflix Error UI-800-3

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If you see the error code UI-800-3 from Netflix it typically indicate that there is some kind of network configuration problem that prevent your device from connecting to Netflix. fortunately, it is a pretty easy fix for the many different devices I listed above. I will list the fixes for Netflix Error UI-800-3 code, that is the tips to knowledge on your device that require being restored. Follow the troubleshooting steps for your device below to fix the problem.

Error codes are always a little prevent as described what the error actually that happened. In this case, error UI-800-3 code means that Netflix is encounter an internet networking problem. This could indicate you’re helpless to sign in or streaming the content on Netflix. I will give you the tips on how to fix them and hope can give a little help for you.

Netflix Error UI-800-3
Error fix for PS3, PS4, and Nintendo Wii U

There are two steps to practice for fixing the problem so you can recover the instructions from the Netflix website and analyze the problem.

  1. The first step you must to do is sign out from your Netflix account. You can do this by choosing more details while on the error on your device screen, and next choosing sign out. From there you can use back in and view if that can fix your problem. If still can’t fixed, try to next step.
  2. You will require to check your DNS setting. That seem a little more difficult than what it is. Follow these easy steps from the Netflix help website:
  • Please restart your PlayStation device
  • Sign out from your Netflix account
  • Verify your private DNS Settings

After doing these steps, you may need to restart your PS3, PS4, and Nintendo Wii U device to maintain reboot everything and go back to your Netflix.

Error fix for Amazon Fire TV Stick

There is simply one fix for Amazon Fire TV Stick, with these eazy steps you can fix Netflix Error UI-800-3 code for your Amazon Fire TV Stick device, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign out from your Netflix account
  2. You must be uninstall your Netflix Application
  • Please select Settings, and then applications
  • Click Manage All Installed Applications and go to Netflix option
  • And then select Delete or Uninstall
  1. And then Reinstall Netflix
  • From your home screen, select Search
  • Type “Netflix,” then select Netflix option
  • And select Netflix
  • Choose Free or Download
  • When the download has finished, click Open
  • And then please Sign In
  • Insert your Netflix email and password and please try Netflix again

Error fix for the Roku

Here is what I would recommend doing, but common users still have the similar problem and Roku is informed of the problem they just don’t have an official fix for it. So try these out and probably it will work:

  1. Please Restart your Roku
  2. And then Sign out from your Netflix account

Unfortunately, these are just simply “fixes” I know of that can surely can help. The problem is on your Roku device and not on your Netflix, so if you have a different device you can run it. You may require using that until there is a real fix for UI-800-3 on your Roku streamer.

Error fix for Xbox One and Xbox 360

You may also need to clear the cache system on your Xbox One and Xbox 360 to free up space. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign out from your Netflix account
  2. Uninstall and then reinstall your Netflix app
  3. Please Confirm into your Xbox’s DNS Settings

If you are still having the problem connecting to your Netflix, you will require contacting your Internet Service Provider for maintenance your DNS resolve problem.

Error fix for Blu-ray Player, Set-top Box or Streaming Media Player, and Smart TV

This is the part where the instructions can take easy because just connect your internet settings. Please follow the instruction below:

  1. Please restart your device
  2. And then sign out from your Netflix account

If you are using a Samsung TV, you may require resetting the Smart Hub to fix this problem.

For whatever device or hardware you may have, I hope that can fixes earlier helped solve your Netflix Error UI-800-3 code. As I said before, a necessary usage of thumb is to restart your device, then uninstall and please reinstall your Netflix app. You can contact Netflix official at 1-866-579-7172 and the customer service can give you another idea for fixes help.

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