Posted on is a Netflix account payment page that is most searched in google and yahoo by customers so they can choose their Netflix payment options as their desired. Here is the most common issue when performing Netflix payment update like say ‘Your Netflix Account is on Hold, because you have problem with your last payment’!!

So you can try first visit the official page to update your Netflix payment method.

OR follow instructions: If you want to update your Netflix information, first login to your Netflix account then click on the top right dropdown arrow menu, and select ‘Your Account’ Payment
You’ll be redirected to a new page and select a link ‘Update Payment Method’ Payment
Here you can update either your credit card or Paypal payment information. Just open the payment information type you want and update it. Payment
You need to know, the main problem is:

  • The payment method in your file has expired (no longer valid)
  • Your state financial institution (bank) monthly billing system is inactive
  • Especially for US Citizens, make sure your zip code is exactly the same in both the your credit card, bank account and netflix account.

I think if all the above steps have been done well, then there is no problem anymore.

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