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Do you remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Yes, it is the 2002 movie. This movie is considered as the romantic comedy that tells about a Greek-American woman called Fotoula “Toula” Portokalos who works in Dancing Zorba’s, a restaurant in Chicago owned by her family. Toula is 30 years old woman. Apparently, Gus who is her father wants Toula to get married to a Greek man. Such a contrary, Toula wants more in her own life. Then, Toula’s mother asks her husband to allow their daughter to take some classes of computer at the college. Thanks to those classes, Toula then takes over the travel agency of her aunt. There, she meets an English  teacher of high school named Ian Miller. She decides to make relationship with that English teacher in the back of her family. Later, her family finds out about her relationship with Ian and her father is so heat up knowing her dating a non-Greek man. In the end, her father tries to learn how to accept a boyfriend of Toula, Ian Miller (Toula’s boyfriend) learns to accept the huge family of Toula, and lastly, Toula learns how to accept herself.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was directed by Joel Zwick and written by Nia Vardalos, the one who played as Toula in the same movie. The movie is counted as one of the most profitable movies ever made in the history. Since the first release, My Big Fat Greek Wedding has been received positive reviews from many critics. Also, the movie was nominated as the Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay at the 75th Academy Awards.

There is the sequel of My Big Fat Greek Wedding called My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. The sequel was released after 14 years of the original release. It is such a very long time. Before watching the second one, how about refresh your memory about the original movie of My Big Fat Greek Wedding? If Netflix comes to your mind to re watch the original one, the question must be “Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Netflix?”

My Big Fat Greek Wedding On Netflix
My Big Fat Greek Wedding On Netflix
If talking about Netflix means streaming on it, then, unfortunately, the answer to the question “Is My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Netflix?” is no. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is not available on Netflix to be streamed but it is available for DVD rental. Just rent the DVD on Netflix to get nostalgic with Toula Portokalos, Ian Miller, and her entire Portokalos family.

Are you feeling sad and disappointed that there is no My Big Fat Greek Wedding on Netflix to be streamed? Do not ever give up and calm yourself. There are many ways to Rome. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is available on HBO Go for free. You just have to subscribe to the account to get one. aside from that, you can purchase the movie on Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, You Tube, and Vudu. All you have to do is spending about 10 bucks on them to enjoy My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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