Lowest Rated Movie On Netflix

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Netflix is one of the entertainment companies in United States. It provides the streaming media and online on-demand video and DVD. It is always used a mail. Since the year of 2013, This entertainment company has spread its wings to the production of film and television. Netflix also has a role as the online distribution as well.

Netflix has a website consists everything related to Netflix. The official website of Netflix is www.netflix.com. In the website, you can see the lists of movies and television series. Those movies and television series were either distributed or produced by Netflix itself. Every movie and series has the rating rated by the users or the viewers of Netflix. Here are some lowest rated movie on Netflix. This data is based on the several community websites of the movie related.

Lowest Rated Movie on Netflix
The first lowest rate movie on Netflix is A Sinner in Mecca. A Sinner in Mecca is a documentary film. This movie was produced in the year of 2015. The director of the movie is Parvez Sharma who was directed the similar theme movie called A Jihad for Love.

The movie is about the pilgrimage of an openly gay Muslim to the holy city of Islam, Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The character of the movie is Sharma. Sharma used an iPhone to document his journey. As the addition, he also used two tiny hidden cameras. Sharma entered the city and joined the others million pilgrims of Muslim who came from different places to fulfill the fifth pillars of Islam called Hajj.

A Sinner in Mecca has got many online abuses and death treats since its release on some places such as iTunes, Netflix, and television channels. Those online abuse and treats are mainly directed towards the director of the A sinner in Mecca movie.

A movie called Joanna comes second as the second movie on the list of lowest rated movie on Netflix. Joanna tells about the blogs of the badly sick woman about her rest days. In her rest days in the world, she tries to fulfill it by teaching her own son so she can get the life which is full of joy, kindness, and meaning.

The other lowest rated movie on Neflix are Gigli, Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, Age of Tomorrow, Paranormal Whacktivity, Breaking Wind, Humshakals, Zoo Babu, and 12/12/12. Gigli is the movie stared Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The movie is about Larry Gigly, a small time tug who kidnaps a brother of DA. It is done in order to save a mass from the prosecution. However, the boss of Gigli does not trust him to finish that job. Paranormal Whacktivity is about the new couple who moves into their new home to make their relationship perfect. But, an evil always haunts them whenever they are going to make love. As you can see, Breaking Wind has a thing for Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn has the same characters as Twilight movies. Those are Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

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