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Netflix plays in the spring with a continued share of original movies and award-winning movies, presenting everything from fresh content to enjoy this April. But possibly the most predictable new show appearance in April is Teen Wolf on Netflix series movie. An animal pain becomes a high schooler into a teen wolf and he suddenly becomes a star player and chick attraction. But he also covers a new set of the story.


Scott McCall just the different kid in high school. Until, one night his best friend Stiles takes him to the forests, to see for a dead body, and Scott is attacked by a werewolf. Being a werewolf appeared with its perks- bigger, faster, new star on the lacrosse team, popularity- but also gave it hard to control his passion. Scott has also happened for the new girl in the city, Allison, whose parent is trying to hunt and kill Scott. Scott now has to keep try and balance his out of control behavior, think out how to control his new abilities, try not to be killed by the alpha that hurt him, and guard Allison- and keep her from finding out his big confidence.

Is Teen Wolf on Netflix

Continents                                         Seasons                                 Appeared on Netflix


Africa                                        1 up to 5                          April 01, 2017

Antarctica                                   1 up to 5                          April 04, 2017

Asia                                           1 up to 4                          April 08, 2017

Australia                                     1 up to 5                          April 01, 2017

Europe                                       1 up to 4                          April 01, 2017

North America                             1 up to 5                          April 01, 2017

South America                             1 up to 5                          April 01, 2017


IMDB score ★★★★



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Critical response

When I first viewed this series, the trailer did not give this movie’s credit. I chose to watch the premier episode, just to recognize what it was like.

And I recognize you that is wonderful. The actors have the best talent for their generation. Many people think this is a same “Twilight” Copycat movie but surely is not. It doesn’t even have wolf in it. Additional the storyline is really based on the character with the mysterious ability, and his day to day conflicts, of changing with his new ability to be a teen wolf. It shows some original storyline.

Different than Twilight, the scene is better than I assumed. The storyline for each episode is fully suited, (the writer and producer are making a great work story of not speeding the storyline). Also, the swoon- worthy fellows (Derek and Jackson) mean, not a big fan of Scott! Just to tell you about the truth I’m disgusted at how people are given a rating on this movie series. It’s unfair, because it’s only into its 5th season, (the series is still telling itself).

The profoundly commend Vampire Diaries, worked out pretty average if you ask me. So please guys give this a happening. I’m sure we haven’t seen the best movie series ever, and this is Teen Wolf on Netflix. I am so inspired each week to see every season.

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