How Much Data Does Netflix Use

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Netflix is a video streaming services with different kinds of exciting content. Netflix provides a wide range of movies and TV shows, there is even exclusive TV show on Netflix like Daredevil who’s very popular. It’s naturally Netflix become one of the main selection replacement for cable TV.

For the users who want to try using Netflix may be curious as to how the minimum internet speed must be owned, and how much data does Netflix use?

You will be able to watch videos on Netflix smoothly, requires network access at least 0.5 Mbps internet speed. The following speed recommendations are necessary according to the video quality provided by Netflix.

0.5 Megabits per second – minimum speed

1.5 Megabits per second – recommended speed

3.0 Megabits per second – Standard Definition quality

5.0 Megabits per second – High Definition quality

25 Megabits per second – Ultra High Definition

According Netflix official website, the estimated internet package that used to watch a movie on Netflix is quite large, around 300 MB per hour. It was approximate to video with the lowest quality, below the Standard Definition.

Meanwhile, if the customer decides to watch SD-quality movie, Netflix estimates, it takes as much as 700 MB internet package and up to 1 GB per hour. The higher image quality of a movie, it will be more and more internet data are used.

The next question is How much data does Netflix use to watch a movie with Ultra High Definition quality?

To watch a movie with the highest image quality (UHD), the users should prepare as much as 7 GB per hour.

The bandwidth usage per hour does looked very large, especially for the UHD quality. It’s therefore advisable for the users to use internet package with the unlimited scheme and not limited by quotas.

To keep the customer’s consumption data packets, Netflix actually provide movie quality setting options. As an illustration, if users set the film in HD resolution, then Netflix will always show the film in such quality, and will not move to other resolutions. However, as a consequence, the user must set up an internet package as much as 3 GB per hour to enjoy the HD movie quality.

The resolution settings available in the “Your Account”, then select “Playback settings”. On this option tab the users will be faced with four settings choice, Low, Medium, High, and Auto.

Low resolution would “force” Netflix always show movies in SD quality below. While the medium would set the film remains in the elementary and high quality in HD or Ultra HD quality.

As for the Auto selection will automatically adjust the quality with the best suits the user’s Internet speed at the time.

In generally Netflix will adjust the video quality with the speed of Internet service subscribers, so it could changes while unstable condition. However, the customers can also set the desired video quality by setting Playback on Profile option.

For those customers who have unlimited quota, Netflix would be a very worthy choice for movie fans. However, for those customers who still use volume based internet may still have to think again.

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