Good Kid Movies On Netflix

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Every kid is precious. A kid deserves to be a kid. A kid must wear the kid clothes, must watch the kid movies, and so on because the childhood will not come twice. Every kid movie is great and beautiful. Commonly, the movies of the kid tell about the dreams, the fantasy, the fairy tale, the animal, and else.

Nowadays, kid movies are such rare things. Moreover, most of the kid movies have adult content on it. It is such a shame and can be counted as the danger. There are probably many parents who are worry about what to watch for their kids. However, do not worry to much. As the parent, you must guide your kids to the right way. Apparently, there are some of good kid movies that can be watched by your kids.

Netflix is one of the good places to watch. There are many good kid movies on Netflix. You probably have ever seen some of the movies. If you are a Disney lover, Neflix is right one for you. Here are some good kid movies on Netflix recommended by some online communities.

Good Kid Movies on Netflix
The first one on the list is Tarzan. Tarzan movie was released in 1999, this movie was directed by Chris Buck and Kevin Lima. It is one of the Disney movies. This movie is such a perfect movie to watch with your whole family because this movie has the classic story that can appeal to people of all ages. Tarzan is a dynamic animated movie. It is about the young boy that was raised by Kala, a gorilla. Tarzan is such a unique man who can survive well in the will jungle. Later, Tarzan will discover that he is the actual human rather than the gorilla. This discovery begins after he meets a rescues named Jane Porter. Tony Goldwyn is the one who voiced Tarzan. Meanwhile, Kala the gorilla is voiced by Glenn Close, Jane Potret is portrayed by Minnie Driver,while Nigel Hawthorne acts as the Professor Porter.

The second one is The Secret of Kells. The story of this movie is about the young boy called Kell who is exploring the magical tale in the Ireland.

Other recommended good kid movies on Netflix are The Little Prince, Fantasia, How To Train Your Dragon Legends, Lego DC Comic Super Heroes, We’re Back Dinosaurs Story, Mulan II, Lilo and Stitch, and Lilo and Stitch II.

Aside from kid movies produced by Disney and other American kid movies, there are some France and Ireland kid movies as part of the good kid movies on Netflix. Those movies are about the dancing, the thrilling, the live action, the adventures, and of course animals.

After discovering some of good kid movies on Netflix, how about make a plan to watch it tonight with your kids? Be ready to be nostalgic and reminiscent your past. Do not forget to buy the popcorn and some drinks. Also, please prepare the tissue, because you might be crying from laughing. Hope you have fun!

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