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Eating is one of the essential parts of our life, aside from drinking and breathing.  Every single one loves food. Every single one loves to watch movies. Why don’t we combine two of them in one thing? One of the  ways is about food documentary. When you are looking for the food documentaries, Netflix must be the first word that comes to your mind because Netflix is counted as one of the most popular online streaming media right now. Netflix is the right place for you. Netflix has many food documentaries.

Just like any other food documentaries, food documentaries on Netflix mostly made by the independent filmmakers. This kind of food documentaries has grown a lot since the increasing of the interest in how the food is produced or how we eat. The followings are some of the most best food documentaries on Netflix recommended by some online communities. These food documentaries cover eating, drinking, and anything related to them.

Food Documentaries on Netflix
The first one of best food documentaries on Netflix is entitled Jiro Dreams of Sushi. This was made in the year of 2011. The film is about Jiro Ono, a 85 years old master of sushi. He is also the owner of a three stars restaurant called Sukiyabashi. The restaurant is located in Tokyo, Japan, near the station of subway. Apparently, there are only 10 seats in total in Sukiyabashi. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is also told the story about the two sons of Jiro Ono. Both of them are also have the same occupations as Jiro, a chef of sushi. The elder son of Jiro named Yoshikazu Jiro. He is a 50 years old one. He still works for Jiro and predicted to be the heir of the restaurant. Meanwhile, the younger son, Takashi, does not work for his father in Sukiyabashi. This guy left Sukiyabashi and opened the new restaurant instead. His new restaurant is called Roppongi Hills. The movie stated that Jiro Ono creats something unique, maintain it, and then pass it on to his own sons. Jiro Ono is such a dedicated one that makes everyone wonders if he ever had the off day. The movie is worth to watch because it shows a dedicated and discipline one behind the success of a restaurant.

The second one is Noma: My Perfect Storm. This documentary is talking about Nome. For your information, Noma is a name of a controversial place. In the movie, the owner of the restaurant, Rene Redzepi leads his restaurant through the rankings of Michelin, health scares, and the competitions of the Best Restaurant in The World. There are ups and downs in the entire ways. However, Noma team still can make it thanks to the innovation and the friendship.

Other best food documentaries on Netflix are The Birth of Sake, For Grace, Somm, The Irish Pub, Food Matters, Crafting A Nation, Sustainable, A Year in Champagne, and many more. All of them consist of the messages and the value for the society that make all of them are recommended and worth to watch.

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