Netflix Login

Netflix provides the globally services, however still a few know what it’s and how Netflix subscription.

Content movies and TV series on Netflix can be enjoyed easily through multiple types of devices. The main requirement, these devices must be connected to the internet for streaming needs.

The easiest way to enjoy these services by using a browser on a PC or laptop.

In addition to using on PC or laptop, Netflix content can be enjoyed through the gadget as smartrphone or tablet. So far the Netflix app is already available on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

But before it can stream Netflix, users need to register first. This registration stage will be used for the Netflix login process eventually.

and here are the stages of registration:

1. Open the Netflix site to sign in

Netflix Site, you can opened by URL and and if you have never been logged on previous, you are required to create new account Netflix sign in for the first.

2. Do registration

To create a new account, click the button “Start Your Free Month” at left. If you already have a Netflix account, then just do skip through the button at the top right.

3. Choose a subscription package

Netflix have three subscription packages with the different offers namely, “Basic”, “Standard”, and “Premium”.

The difference of the three is the video resolution and the number of devices that can be used in simultaneously.

When finished selecting the package you choose, click the blue button “Continue” at the bottom.

4. Create new account

To create a new account, you are asked to fill out a form that consists of an “email address” and “password” that will be used. Once completed, click on the “Register” button at the bottom.

5. Payment detailed

The next stage you are asked to enter payment details. Netflix uses credit card payments for the customers. Credit cards that can be used are Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

After filling in the payment details, tick in the column “Terms of Use” and then click the “Start Membership” button in the bottom.

6. Select the preferred type of film

After that Netflix will prompt you to choose three types of film that you like. This option is used to display the category of films recommended according to your selected movie earlier.

7. Start watching

Once completed go to your Netflix login member, it will display the recommendation Netflix movies on your browser, select the ones that you like and start watching.

Users can also find a movie which you want to watch by entering the keywords movie’s title or the artist, through the Search field.

In addition to watching via PC or laptop, the movies on Netflix can also be watched via the app in your smartphone or tablet.

8. Select text or subtitle

Users can also select the text or movies subtitle or TV series are watched by pressing the icon in the bottom right of the video. In addition subtitles, the voice sounds can also be replaced too.